Recycled Packaging Peanuts

by Packaging Foam Insulation on August 20, 2010

Packing peanuts can be utilized in a variety of different ways and come in an assortment of materials. Using packing peanuts is one method to cushion items during shipping, whether it’s across town or across the planet!

While they come in many different shapes and sizes, the important thing to note is they are shaped in different ways for a reason. One is that they trap air, and when compressed, they lock into place to keep products safe and secure. At Insulated Packaging Systems, our packaging peanuts are ‘recycled’ EPS (expanded polystyrene), providing a lighter and more durable packaging solution.  Our 15 cubic foot packaging peanuts polystyrene bags sell for just $9 a bag. The same size biodegradable peanuts can cost $20 or more!

Recycled Packaging Peanuts

EPS packaging peanuts provide versatility and are the perfect combination of cost-effective protection and flexibility. Loose fill packaging peanuts prevent product migration during shipment, giving you the peace of mind that your items are safe and secure and will arrive at their intended destination without breakage.

Packing peanuts are not just utilized for shipping. They can be used over and over again; they are inexpensive and can be used for multiple and varying applications:

  • Septic and sewer companies use them to fill around pipes
  • Plant nurseries use them as a soil filler
  • Use packaging peanuts for bean bag chairs
  • Donn your creativity hat during the holidays!  You can use recycled packaging peanuts like popcorn! Just string the packaging peanuts and cranberries for festive holiday garland!
  • Tired of losing your keys to the mercy of the deep ocean, lakes and rivers? Try threading our recycled packaging peanuts on your keychain…watch them float instead of sink.
  • Here’s a great tip to having ice last longer in your cooler -  grab a sealable plastic bag and fill with packing peanuts and place on the top of the ice.  Voila! Longer lasting ice cubes!
  • Halloween is just around the corner.  Get creative and stuff that goblin costume for the front yard or scarecrow for your garden with recycled packaging peanuts.
  • For your four-legged furry friends, use packaging peanuts to stuff your pet pillows!

At Insulated Packaging Systems, we offer many different custom packaging products to fit every packaging need. From custom-designed floating fiberglass docks and insulation to custom-molded foam packaging, our designs provide professional packaging support for your products. Call us today for your FREE quote.

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