Insulated Packaging Systems Offers Custom Dock Floats

by Packaging Foam Insulation on May 21, 2010

At Insulated Packaging Systems, we are known for our quality products.  One custom product that we take great pride in is our floats, which are made of  No.1 Virgin EPS, which is the finest expanded polystyrene closed cell fiberglass.

Marina Docks

The fiberglass is coated or encapsulated on three sides of the float, including the ends of the float itself.  It is light and easy to handle under the water or on the surfaces.  Our high resistant fiberglass and resins protect the foam inside from fuel, oils and other components used in boat maintenance.  Our floats can be used for small docks or decks.  You can save money if you have a kayak or canoe; no need to spend money on a large infrastructure when a small deck can do the job!

Installing the floats is not complicated and is affordable; there no straps needed and not much hardware, as other floatation systems.  The fiberglass lasts for years, making the lifetime of the float longer than others that are sold on the market today. Time is money, and docks and dock builders love our floats for the simplicity of the installation, making their job easy and faster and less complicated than other floatation devices.

IPS has been building and selling fiberglass floats for more than 25 years, selling them to local, regional and national markets. Our floats can be used in salt water and fresh water and lend themselves for both commercial and private use!

Whether you are in the marine boat business or boat repairs, we’re here to serve you for all your custom float dock needs.  And, as always, we’re only a FOAM call away!  Contact us today for your FREE quote!

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