Holiday Custom Packaging Solutions

by Packaging Foam Insulation on December 17, 2010

It happens every year. Gifts are bought that need to be shipped. A person finds the right sized box but still needs to protect the contents from breaking. A solution to the problem is packaging foam insulation.

This foam is lightweight yet it protects like it is made of steel. It cushions the gift and keeps it from getting chipped or broken. It comes in sheets that can be snapped into smaller pieces. It can also come in the form of peanuts (packaging peanuts). The foam is made from polystyrene and has lots of uses. Foam insulation provides maximum protection for whatever has been packed in it. Foam protects against moisture and temperature changes. It keeps the shipped contents from being scratched or broken.

Holiday Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom packing using foam will allow a person to stack packages without damage to either package. It is economical and reusable. There is also expanding foam packaging insulation that a person can use for gift shipping.  A person just unrolls the sealed foam insert and with a little poking and prodding it starts to expand around the item to be shipped. If a top layer is needed, the steps are repeated.  The item is encased in foam and completely secured against damage from being handled and switched from one shipping company to the next on the trip to its  final destination.

A person puts a lot of thought into the gift they are buying. They have acquired the perfect item for their loved one after much searching. Why would they not put just as much thought into how to get it to them undamaged?

Holiday custom packaging with foam makes good sense. It protects the gift and helps to ensure it arrives in one piece. Try foam packaging insulation. It will keep that gift in the same shape it was bought in.

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