American Manufacturing Making a Comeback!

by Packaging Foam Insulation on December 30, 2010

In recent years American manufacturing companies have been declining. Shops all over America were closing their doors and moving out of the country. Job losses were staggering. Unemployment skyrocketed. For what seemed an eternity….the economic outlook was bleak.

Today the economic picture is slowly beginning to change. Unemployment is still high, but starting to drop. Consumers in America are slowly starting to open their wallets and starting to spend. Business is moving back to America and bringing hope to millions of Americans.

American Manufacturing Making a Comeback!

Businesses that relocated to the Far East are starting to realize that they have more to be concerned about than labor costs. With the unrest in the Far East, supplies and workmanship are failing more and more. Infringement of intellectual property is another problem listed as a reason companies are again turning closer to home for product manufacturing.

There are of course, companies that have never left in the first place. They held their ground through the bad and the worst of it. They are still here plugging away and treading water. Some are even making a modest profit.

One such company is Insulated Packaging Systems. They are a Florida based company that is family owned and operated. They have been in business for thirty years and make quality foam packaging materials to sell to individuals and other companies. For more information on this local company please go to Insulated Packaging Systems.

Other examples of American based companies that are still here and operating are Harley-Davidson and Bobcat. American workers are higher paid, yes, but they also turn out a high quality product.

This is what it is all about. Cheaply made products don’t last. In today’s economy consumers want what they buy to last longer than a few months. American made has become a battle cry and companies are finally listening.

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